We just celebrated Labor Day. Now let’s get to work! We are entering the most prosperous time of the year, when money begins to flow, when projects are completed, when the sun king still reigns and we are all racing forward. So let’s open roads
This ritual is easy, fast and simple.
In a vase with water we will place a bunch of parsley . We will add 3 coins and three grains of rice to the water, praying to the goddess Abundia for abundance and prosperity. We can place it at the entrance of the house or in our office on our desk, in an store right next to the cash register, or in our house on the table or desk where we pay the bills or telework.
Every Thursday until the parsley dries, add 3 drops of Agua Florida or any mystical cologne, such as violet water, lavender water or cologne 1800.
And if we see that we are stuck, that money is not coming in and we do not understand why, a reading is key to get to the root of the problem.
Many people wait too long before asking for help and come to me already on the verge of losing their home, job, or family. More marriages break down for financial reasons than infidelity.
Do not delay finding the solution. Call me, write me. I’ll help you.

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A reading is the fastest way to find answers.

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