Sometimes it seems that the whole planet is vibrating at the same frequency.
Lately many people have come to me who say they feel stuck, whose paths seem closed .This week will be dedicated to offering solutions to different situations that may be blocking your progress.
Today, we will turn our attention to how to get rid of your enemies.
Everyone, no matter good or generous they are, can have an enemy. Whether in the romantic field, in the economic sphere, business, someone will always want what we have, however much or little.
Spell for Today:
Let’s put some distance between us and our enemies and confuse him.
We will take several cherry stems(no fruit) and we’ll put on a white plate so that they are entangled with each other.
Then cover with dry cumin and 7 carnation petals, striped, or white.
We will place the spell by the entrance of the house with a red or white candle for three days, praying to the deity that opens and closes our paths, vanquishing and confusing our enemies, So that they never come near us again and that we never have to face their evil.
On the third day we threw everything in the trash outside the home.


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