We begin the year and the first Friday, the day of love and seduction comes with the moon in balance, when its two faces, darkness and light shine equally.
In relationships where ambivalence reigns, love and heartbreak, shared doubts or love, this is the time to make a ritual to strengthen the light, the union, the positive side of love.
We will take a red apple and cut it exactly in half.
We will light a silver or white candle and with it lit and praying to the goddess of love so that both hearts become one and the clouds, doubts and any rival move away, we will place our photo on a half of the apple, and the photo of Our partner in the other.
On each photo we will add two drops of honey, two flower petals and two squirts or drops of our perfume, cologne or shaving water.
Then we will tie the apple with a yellow ribbon and leave it overnight in the moonlight.
On Saturday morning it is left at the foot of a tree or buried.


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