Forgiving is not easy. It is perhaps one of the most difficult things for the human being. “I forgive but I do not forget” is one of the most used phrases and with good reason. The memory of a pain, an offense, a betrayal has such a long shadow. But forgiveness is as necessary as the oxygen we breathe. The pain for an offense, a damage, a betrayal, is sometimes so deep that it traps us inside a cage without a door. Forgiveness allows us to open that door and leave that moment behind, stop reliving it in our mind over and over again. Sometimes we need help, to transmute that idol and fill that void of light.

Today’s Spell:

Forgive and transmute.

Today, we are going to take that pain and break it and transmute it into light so that it stops hurting us. We are not doing it for other people, it is a labor of self-love, self-forgiveness at the same time. This incident, this person, is going to lose control of our life. We are going to take a purple candle, in this case it has to be purple. Our champion in this ritual is the Angel Zadquiel, the angel of forgiveness and transmutation.

We will write on a piece of paper to the person we want to forgive and why. If it is more than one, we will do it in strips of paper, on the one hand the name of the person is written on the other the action to be forgiven. In a fireproof bowl we will place some cotton dipped in lavender oil, violet oil and add brown sugar. We will set fire to the cotton and in that flame we will burn each band-aid. When we see them burn we will visualize how a door is created in that cage, we open it, we leave the cage and we do not look back.

When we finish burning the last strip of paper, we have to fill that gap that has been left when extracting is pain, and we have to fill it with self-love. We will light a pink candle and we will put a few drops of lavender oil in our hands and we will inhale the fragrance visualizing a cloud of light that enters through the crown and goes down the column until it lodges in the heart. Then we will wet our hands in the violet oil and visualize how that cloud fills our hearts with love, happiness and triumph.

At the end of the meditation we will take the ashes and throw them away decreeing that this story is over.


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