We are in the time of year when the element of fire has been increasing in power and its climax will reach it’s peak on June 21. This is the moment to give that push to our plans, to jump over obstacles and begin to collect the fruit of the planted seeds. Fire burns and purifies, transmutes, heats, nourishes.

Today’s Spell:

Let us today remove everything that still blocks the way. In a container that withstands the fire we will place seven pieces of aloe, seven leaves of basil and seven slices of lemon peel. We will take a white candle and anoint it well with lavender oil, praying to the deity that opens and closes the ways that through its purifying fire, we break everything that binds us or blocks us, damages us or saddens us. .

We will take paper strips where we have written everything we want to erase from our lives and burn them with the candle flame, letting the paper consume on aloe, basil and lemon peels. Once we have removed everything that blocks us, we will put out the candles and give thanks. The contents of the container is thrown in the middle of the street, where cars pass over it.


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