Nature is a source of energy and every plant, tree, flower, even weed, has its mission and purpose. It’s flower power. In the northern hemisphere we are preparing to say goodbye to summer, and after having enjoyed nature to the fullest, we tend to want to bring it into our homes during winter.
But just because a plant can survive indoors does not mean that it will bring positive energies to the inhabitants of the house. So DO’S and DON’T’S of indoor plants.
Do put a Bamboo. A 6 or 8 stem bamboo will always move the energies of prosperity in our favor. Potus. Another Yes, but be careful. This ancient and basically indestructible plant absorbs energy, good and bad.
That is why it is important to place them in high and dark places where dense energy tends to accumulate.
The potus is a sponge and can be used to balance the energies of the home after an argument or fight, placing it in the center of the house for 1 hour.
Yes to the peony as the flower of love. It can be place in the bedroom and in the heart of the home, like the living room where it will act as an antenna of well-being.
Do put Cactus. Despite its thorns, it is a protective plant. It can be placed near entrance doors, both inside and outside. And what plants should NOT be inside the house?
The Agave plant never indoors as it tends to attract negative energies, and you would have to have fresh daisies right next to it to neutralize them. Better to put the agave outside where the force of the wind and the water neutralizes them in a natural way.
Hydrangeas, despite its beauty is the flower of sadness and melancholy. Stay clear of them now in times of pandemic and never ever use them if someone tends to suffer from depression.
And the Bonsai is another DON’T . It has been created to stop growth, and clip the wings of money and growth. Flower power!

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