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Many people come to me suffering the effects of an energy attack. They are not crazy. They are not imagining things.

Magic by any name is magic. Today we can call it channeling, energy transfer, ritualistic conjuration, spell , image charm, white magic spells, black magic spells. It is all magic.

And as it can be used for good it can be use to attack.

Are you always sick? Do you fail at things you know how to do, you just make silly mistakes that you know you should not make but cant help yourself?

Do you fight with your loves ones for no good reason and want to stop but cant?.

If you feel all of the sudden that you are your worst enemy, you are not. You just have an enemy and is very, Very dangerous.

Many of today’s energy work seems to focus on the past. Past lives , old traumas, the long shadows left behind by acts or actions of people long gone that reflects on the present.

That is very valid and I can help remove the past damage that hurt us and does not feed us.

But ignore the evil that walks with us at your own peril.

Envy, hate, resentment can turn your life upside down, and the tools to mount an energy attack are all out there, today the knowledge is widespread, along with the threat.

I say we fight fire with fire.

If you feel there is something wrong, that what is happening should not be happening listen to your instinct.

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