Today, we are going to start the week by opening our paths, find the open road, breaking obstructions and separating from us everything that can trip us up. On a white plate we are going to put a layer of chopped onion, any type of onion. We are going to cut the onion ourselves, we will not use a machine, we want tears to come out of our eyes. When cutting it we will visualize everything that could be a problem this week, the obstacles, the envy ..

We will take a piece of paper towel or Kleenex and we will clean the eyes of those tears caused by the onion and we will put the Kleenex on the plate. Then we will light a red candle to St Michael Archangel and pray that everything is cut, so that everything dissolves and nothing prevents us reaching our goals. In passing we will pour a mixture of oil and vinegar on the onion and the Kleenex. After 15 minutes we take the contents of the plate and throw it in the street, where the cars will run over it.


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