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Do Spells Work?
Today we all know that the world moves through and through energy. Each spell is designed to send the right energy at the right time. Through these rituals, Zitmy has helped thousands of people, of all ages, sexes, and social and economic conditions.
Every day, Zitmy receives letters, texts and messages from people who thank her for getting what they thought they were never going to be able to achieve.
How long does it take for the results to materialize?
There are spells that give almost instantaneous results, others take days, weeks, even months, until the concrete effects are seen. The results sometimes come when the person least expects it.
How can a long distance spell be done?
Whether the person is in front of her, or is on the other side of the world, Zitmy always works the same way: by contacting her guiding spirits, who guide her and help during the spell, channeling energy. In the spiritual world there is no time or space.

Can I order more than one spell? Can they be done simultaneously?
Many of our clients commission more than one, or reinforce the ritual with an amulet, which will constantly act as an antenna, attracting positive energies and vibrations, in the case of amulets for love, prosperity or luck, or revoking spirits or negative energies or evil.

Is it always necessary or convenient to perform a spell?
Spells are extremely effective, but if you are living in a situation that could pose a danger to you or your family, if you are being threatened, or are a victim of domestic abuse, you should contact the authorities. If this is the case, call 911 in the United States, or your country’s police or hotline.

I hate my ex. Can a ritual be ordered to die? Can I order a ritual that will harm someone?
NEVER. Even our spells for your loved one to leave your lover are made when that person deliberately broke or interfered with your relationship.
Zitmy Garcia works exclusively with white magic, positive energies, healthy spirits.

If the spell is to attract (or alienate) another person, should this person know what is being done?
It is not necessary. Zitmy needs to know as much as possible about you, name, surname, age, color of eyes. If you know the data of the lover, the better, but knowing your specific data of your loved one, is enough, since the ritual will be done through you.

Can I change my order?
NO. Once the ritual has been commissioned, no changes can be made. Please make your selection carefully.

Can I return my amulet?
NO. Once the amulet is received, it begins to receive the energetic charge of the person it was intended for. All amulets are made, magnetized and blessed by Zitmy Garcia, and we will never sell an amulet that someone has returned.

Can I return my personalized Oyumi doll?
NO . This doll was created during a ceremony and made exactly for each person. The contract that has been created in the spiritual world with the doll as a link is indestructible and non-transferable.
This doll must accompany the owner for ever.

I have so many problems, I am so unhappy, that I am thinking of committing suicide. You can help me?
Please call the NATIONAL LINE OF HOPE NOW: 1-800-SUICIDE, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or to a similar agency in your country.
Do not wait a second. Do it now.


Zitmy Garcia has absolute respect for both her clients and the spirit world.
The guiding spirits come to her when they are summoned, and wait and receive full respect.
This is not a game. Do not do a spell you do not need.


Is it safe to use my credit card on the internet?
YES! All transactions are protected. Every time you use your credit card, the information is encrypted, and your purchases are fully protected and secure.
In Best Magical Spells we use advanced technology that maintains high levels of security in our online platform. Our secure server (SSL) encrypts all the personal information you provide us (name, address, data of your card, etc.) in order to process your order.
We will never give your information to third parties, and all your information is completely confidential.

Can I buy anything if I am under 18 years old?
YES. You can buy products. We can not do rituals for anyone under the age of 18.

No refunds or returns.

All shipping in the USA or abroad is done by USPS priority mail or UPS. All orders are processed within 48 hours unless there is a specific reason more time is needed. If that’s the case we will let you know.