From today Until Thanksgiving, I am running a fall sale, with every reading or spell ordered in the United States, I will send you a free amulet consecrated for prosperity.
We are in the harvest season, when Abundia opens its cornucopia of abundance.
This talisman is specially magnetized for each person and it is my gift, my way of thanking the universe as well, as when we give we receive. .
My clients from abroad can also receive the amulet for free, they will only have to pay for shipping, the cost of which depends on each postal service.
A reading is the best way to get to the root of problems and find solutions.
It is a method of divination used throughout the centuries that is gaining even more strength, since it opens the doors for our spirit guides to show us the best way.

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I am here to help. I do readings all over the world by phone, Whatsapp or via Skype.

A reading is the fastest way to find answers.

Blessings to all, Zitmy.

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