The fear of economic collapse sometimes outweighs the fear of contagion. Not all family economies are being affected in the same way, but no one is immune. We have to act to activate the energies of prosperity, and not to be left behind.
We need to protect our jobs and protect the economies of the country in which we live in. We are all in the same boat and we have to row in the same direction.
Due to the restrictions and isolation we will do this spell spiritually and with the least amount of ingredients. Our ally is Abundia, the goddess of prosperity and abundance.
We will light a white or green candle, and praying to Abundia we will visualize a light that covers first our house, then our city and finally the country.
We will pray that we all stay afloat, that the economies of the world avoid disaster. We will take a deep plate, we will put water and a cork in this spell that we are offering.
We will add our DNA, our essence, it is our spirit that makes the pact, either with a little saliva or a drop of blood. We will watch the plate for 3 days lighting the candle 15 minutes a day. On the third day the water is poured into a living plant. 


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