Don’t forget me! When we want to record ourselves in someone’s thoughts, when we need an ally against oblivion,Linden leaves are the best weapon. Revered in ancient times as the plant of the daughter of the Moon that protected matrimonial love, the linden leaf is used to write with fire letters our name in the brain and soul of a person.

Today’s Spell:

We will put linden, either leaves or tea in a mixture of holy water and our cologne or perfume or shaving water and cinnamon sticks in a glass jar. During the day we will leave the bottle in front of a mirror, and we will light a red candle for 15 minutes, praying to the Archangel Chamuel to write our name and face in the mind of our loved one. At night, we will leave the bottle under the light of the moon. Repeat this for 5 days. During the day in front of the mirror with a candle,and at night under the light of the moon. On the fifth day we will put some of this mixture into an object that our beloved uses, or something that we give ourselves, no matter what it is. This spell acts the same for men and women.


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