Distance your enemies. We just left Mercury and mars retrograde, summer is ending, children return to school and it is as if everyone is awakening from the lethargy and immobility not only of summer but the effect that so many retrograde planets were causing.
Every day now people come to me with projects that were delayed or forgotten but that suddenly have been activated and need to open roads, break obstacles and in many occasions, move away enemies, rivals.
When the race to success begins, we must look to all sides, even at those that are in front of us who can put all sorts of road blocks in front of us.
So you have to shield yourself. First, with silence. There is nothing more dangerous than talking about the plans yet to be finalized. Success awakens hatreds and jealousies in those who you least imagine. And second, with a good cleaning protection
Today’s Spell:
It is a mystical protection bath that creates a shield around our aura. I recommend doing it every time we are starting a project or we feel that there is an obstacle in our work. We will take a dry coconut, empty it and remove all the dough and water.
That dough and water is mixed with holy water, a splash of lemon juice, 3 branches of rosemary and 3 black or red peppers. . We will light a red candle to St. Michael Archangel for 15 minutes and we will pray that it will break all evil, all envy, all hatred. Let it be our shield and our sword.
We will mix everything in a scrubbing bucket with warm water and we will pour the liquid over our body, from the neck down. Don’t let it touch your head. This ritual should be done 3 times in a row, leaving 3 days between ritual and ritual.


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