The best magic spell and especially the best white magic spell, is sometimes to let go, and that includes the digital world. Our phones have become an extension of our lives, our hearts and minds. We can de clutter our lives but if we look at our phones it can reflect a jumble of emotions and bring us right back to that place of pain with just one look.
So, let’s do a ritual cleansing, a white magic spell,  of our digital blockages. Best self love ever. Clean by letting go, by deleting, by erasing with intention. We will light up a red candle, call upon the Archangel Saint Michael to be our sword, and take a hard look at our phones.
Find that picture that makes you bend over with pain, and delete it. It does not matter if the picture shows a happy scene, if it causes you pain, longing, hurt… delete it.
Repeat the mantra: “Archangel, heal the wound”. Do it with every photo. If it hurts, if it brings you sadness, get rid of it. Then move on to the text messages. Erase all conversations that causes anger or grief and delete every single one.
Repeat the mantra : “Archangel heal the wound”.
Erase every message that is irrelevant to your life (adds, robo messages) and any meme that may have been funny at the time you saved it, but now keeps you locked inside an emotion.
I recommend you erase everything that had to do with the pandemic, as it keeps the energy of fear locked too close to us. Erase any old political meme and anything that can be construed as passive aggressive.
Repeat the mantra “it no longer serves me”.
Find all old contacts, and if you do not like the person anymore, delete it.
Repeat the mantra : ‘Our journey has ended”.
And let it go.
Keep your phone free of clutter, emotional and otherwise. Your phone’s memory, and your energy field will thank you.

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