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We are in this complicated time of the year. Xmas cheer is all around us but is too soon to close up shop, kick back and reach for the eggnog. We need to find that best magic spell.

First, we need to prepare our houses, our bodies and our spirits to be ready to be part of the amazing chain of love and good energy that encompasses the whole earth at xmas time, the best magic spell for the whole earth!

So first, the house.

Clean. Start tossing away all that is broken and donate what you do not use but still is in good condition.

Then cleanse, with sage or Palo Santo. Put your intention on breaking all negative energy that may lurk. Cleanse every room, from back of the house to front.

Now the Christmas Tree.

The trees, with its pyramid shape, embodies the connection in between heaven and earth. Use it to channel intentions as well .

We should always have the four elements represented in the way of xmas balls or ornaments.

Red, for fire.

Green for earth.

White for wind.

Blue for water.

While decorators place the ornaments in any way that is pleasing to the eye, us energy workers use it as a tool as well.

Divide the three in the parts, top, middle and bottom.

In the middle part, you are going to place symbols of your intentions for the next year.

Money? Place a row of 5 or 8 gold xmas balls, or ornaments associated with wealth, a crown, a beautiful carriage, or a Santa ornament bearing gifts.

You want love? Place pairs of red balls all around the middle section, or pairs of heart shaped ornaments, always in pairs and even numbers, 2, 4 ,6, 8 , as many pairs as you wish.

For every intention there is a symbol you can use. Fertility? 7 Baby related ornaments. Travel? 3 ornaments in the shape of suitcases, ort balls in the shape of the earth .Also a plane or a train.

Now look at the bottom part. It’s the season of receiving but also giving.

There is a reason while our ancestors began placing the gifts in colorful packages around the xmas tree. The lower part of the tree is the sharing, the giving so we can receive.

Place in the lower section of the tree, not in the floor but hanging from the actual tree, small , pretty gifts that you can have guest picking at the end of a party or celebration.

Bracelets, rings, little bags with toys for little kids, even pretty ornaments for their own trees. This is your section to share, let your creativity and budget guide you.

And finally, the upper part, our connection to the supreme force, our link to the universe and the way to send out our intentions.

First, sage very well this upper part, is our antenna, our extended hand, we want it free of any negative energy.

Then create your altar , with white and silver balls, feather ornaments and angels, and anything that resonates with you and your spirituality.

Now you have a Tree with Intention.

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