Dare to love. We still have Venus retrograde and the whole world seems to be looking back … old relationships appear from nowhere, old loves revive. New opportunities arise to amend the past, but also to make the same mistakes.
This weekend the energies and the stars give us an opportunity for new people to come into our lives, so let us dare to give and receive compliments, let go of the past and look around us.
Today’s Spell:
We will attract love, attraction, adventure, joy and surprise. We will take an apple and cut it in half. One side will represent us, so we must place a hair, a piece of nail something that is our own, of our body.
The other half represents the other person. If we have a partner and we want to fan the passion, we will put something of that person. If we are alone (or we want to attract a new person to our lives) we will place a little bit of egg yolk. Next we will put honey, cinnamon, pieces of candy of many colors, and red flowers, on each half ,.
We will light a red candle and ask the goddess of passion to bring us adventures, joy, fun, attraction and flirting. That we are ready to enjoy and seduce. We will leave the candle to light until it is consumed and we will leave the contents of the dish at the foot of a tree.
For those who do not have access to a tree easily, they can throw it away outside the house with three coins of any kind.


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