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Let’s discuss how to make the law of atraction work in our favor. In this season of the year what we most want is happiness, joy, celebrate with our loved ones. But if instead of imagining a party with laughter and harmony we fear a dinner with discord and ill will, that is exactly what we will have around our table.
If you think about it, believe it. You become what you think, You attract to your life what you believe and desire.
Thoughts are pure energy, and their vibration, positive or negative, will attract to our lives bonanza and happiness or sadness, pain and illness. This is a universal law, which acts without us even being aware of it.
For better or for worse, our brain, our thoughts, words, emotions and beliefs are bringing to our lives what we focus on … be it good or bad. A negative, fearful, self-conscious or envious person will attract that same vibration to their life creating an inevitable cycle of failure.
The “bad spells” do not happen spontaneously. . Either we are victims of a dark work, of witchcraft, or we are the creators of our own misfortune. When all we do is to think about the worst, the worst listens to us, that negative vibration is retro-fed and finds fertile ground. .
The equals are attracted. Happy people attract happy people. A smile generates a smile.
Today’s Spell:
Let’s erase from our mind the fears and negative thoughts created by ourselves. We will take a glass (it can be made of plastic) and we will add alcohol, 1 tablespoon of coarse salt, 3 leaves of basil and an egg white.
Inside we will place a photo of our whole body. In the photo we only have to be us. Nobody else. For 3 days we will light a red candle to St Michael the Archangel so that he breaks all negative thoughts. We light the candle at least 15 minutes a day, it can certainly stay on longer. It does not matter where we put the glass for those 3 days.
On the third day we will throw everything, including the glass, into the garbage outside the house. We can turn the candle off and use it again.


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