The Corona virus is a global threat, not only to our health but to our economy.
China is paralyzed, Italy is closed, Spain is starting to feel the effects. Soon the United States will feel the widespread effects. The slogan is Do not fly, Do not go out, There is no school … No, No, No. Some people can work from home, but others? Mechanics, hairdressers, restaurants, airlines, cruises? The economy of billions of people depends on trade, exchange, the public … To avoid getting the virus we can wear masks, wash our hands, keep distance, but how to protect ourselves from an economic collapse?
More marriages end in failure due to lack of money than by infidelity. Today more than ever we have to protect our economy to open the doors to money, to stay afloat while the storm passes.
Injured animals are easy victims. A person with a weakened energy field is a quick prey of the one who wants his job, his clients, his business … his partner.
At this time we have to do everything in our power to stay healthy and afloat economically.
Let’s wash our hands and wash our aura, to eliminate all negative energy and help the money flow, to reach us from the north, the south, the east, the west.
Today’s Spell:
Money Cleansing.
In a bucket put fresh water with some ground eggshell in it. We will add 3 kernels of dried ground corn, 3 bay leaves, parsley leaves, 3 basil leaves, 3 drops of honey, 3 grains of rice, some holy water and some of your cologne, perfume or after shave.
You will pray over this cleansing spell with a red candle, the color of war and passion. The deity that will support us in this spell is Saint Michael the Archangel, who cuts and breaks and clears the obstacles that we face.
At the end of the invocation we will pour the water over our body, from the neck down, making sure that the water does not touch our head..
I also strongly recommend the amulet to protect your work. This shield works to reject and cancel envies, negative energies and attacks on your work, creating an area of ​​protection and encouraging growth. You can find it in my store, Here:protect your work Today more than ever we need to protect what is ours.




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