Today is the day of Mars, the god of war. In every war there are winners and losers, and we want to win, conquer, triumph over our enemies, whether they are rivals in love or work. Today, we are going to invoke the strength of the iron god, of the weapons to create our own spiritual sword, which will lead us to triumph.

Today’s Spell:

In a deep dish we will place 7 metal nails, seven cloves, a stream of white vinegar and a little of our perfume, cologne or after shave. On a white paper with no lines, we will write our first and last name with pencil and the word CONQUER.

We will light a red candle, no matter the size and let it burn to the end, visualizing our triumph over our enemies. When the candle is consumed (we should never leave the candle alone, without supervision, we must do the work when we have time to be in the house), we will take all the contents of the plate, including the nails, and we will put it in a glass jar. That will be our source of power, our amulet. It should be stored in a place where nobody sees it.


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