Pepper and magic go hand in hand. It is the plant of Mars and is known as the victor’s tool, and in this lies its power, it helps you to win, to triumph, to conquer.
In the rituals where it is used, pepper is the trigger, the ingredient that helps the intention to materialize as it causes the feeling.
In magic you can use any type of pepper, red, black, white, they all have the same properties, and there is no difference between the old world pepper or the new world pepper.
Today’s Spell:
Our ally in these rituals is St. Michael the Archangel, and the candle will be red.
Do we want to drive away a rival at work who is trying to move into our territory? We will take a photo, put it on a plate and surround it with pepper, visualizing a circle of power that prevents you from leaving your area.
Do you have a love rival?
Get their picture and rip it in two parts, one part will be covered in pepper and the other will be burned, surrounding the photo with a mixture of pepper and ashes from the photo.
Are we looking to end an infidelity?
We will take an intimate garment of the infidel and we will sprinkle it with pepper, salt and a mixture of oil and vinegar.
All rituals will be watched for 3 days, lighting a red candle for 10 minutes each day.
On the third day everything is thrown away outside the house. 


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