Tuesdays are days of conquering, strengthened by Mars, the god of war, of both physical and sexual conquest. Tuesdays are tinged with the red of passion and the perfect time to conquer love!. Today is the day to conquer, to make that call to a romantic interest, to suggest that exit, to take the first step, and succeed

Today’s Spell:

We are going to take control. We are going to win. This is a personal spell, it requires our essence. We’ll take an orange and cut it in two. One part will be emptied, and we will put the fruit aside. We will light a red candle and praying to the deity of war and sexuality, we will put our photo inside the empty orange shell. We will add sugar, honey, golden or silver glitter, and three cloves.

We will add the fruit that we had extracted from the orange. We also need to add metal, anything made of metal or iron. We will pray to succeed, so that our words are sweet but our will is iron strong and triumphant. We will squeeze the juice of the other half of the orange and, praying, wet the thumb of the right hand and anoint ourselves with the juice making the sign of the Cross on our lips. Once the lips are anointed we will take a Kleenex or paper towel and we will clean our face well, and with the same thumb we will put some saliva on the Kleenex that will be placed on the orange.

We will let the candle burn and the spell is then placed at the foot of a tree.


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