The coconut has many esoteric uses, in magic it is a powerful vehicle for protection and cleansing, and it is also used as a weapon for love. We are fast approaching the time of year when we all want to be as a family, as a couple, and the coconut is our ally.
Half meat, half water, it is the most human-like fruit and its use in love rituals as old as magic itself. It increases desire between the couple and attracts love as well as protects our relationships.
The coconut is a fruit blessed and touched by the gods and everything in it preserves its energetic power, dry, in essence, incense, candles, coconut water.
Today’s Spell: YOU ARE MINE
This is for when our partner strays. The coconut serves as an ally when we want to protect what is ours. We take a dry coconut and cut it in half.
Then we place in one of the halves a picture of our partner and all and anything we know about the other person, name, picture… If we do not know anything it does not matter, the main target of the spell is our partner and the work runs through its aura.
Now we will activate the separation by putting black pepper on top, a mixc of oil and vinegar and hot chili, the stronger the better, we want it to burn.
Next we are going to take a knife and make seven cuts in each half of the coconut, in the white part, also cutting the photos, cutting everything. We will pour coconut water over everything and wet our hands with the same water.
Then we seal the ritual by joining both halves of the coconut, tying them with a red ribbon and a white ribbon and we will make 7 knots.
The coconut already closed and tied is left on a train track, leave it and do not look back.

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