Although we are in Mercury retrograde life goes on, and now especially you need to clear your paths,and remove the obstacles that block your success. To open you have to clear. Just as we clean e-mail and erase old messages, it is necessary to cleanse ourselves from time to time, to get rid of all that energetic waste that may be preventing us from progressing.
The astral baths are an excellent tool to cleanse our astral field of negative energies. You have to be careful when making them, the water should not touch the head, always pour it from the neck down. I recommend using a glass to pour water, and thus control the liquid well.
Today’s Spell:
We will take a bucket and fill it with warm water , a little more than half full. We will light a red candle and pray to St. Michael the Archangel. Pour a splash of white vinegar in the bucket, a trickle of holy water, clean and dry egg shell or husk, and white flower petals.
Mix everything well with your right hand, asking that this bath breaks and eliminates all evil, envy and transient negative energy that could adhere to our astral field. Then we will pour the liquid down our body, from the neck down, in front and behind.
We can rinse afterwards if we want, but we should not use soap, and we will dry without rubbing the skin with the towel. The petals that remain on the floor of the shower or bathroom are thrown in the garbage outside the house.
This bath should be done on Mondays or Saturdays. During the retrograde Mercury period, before each ritual, repeat this mantra: “Om Budhaya Namaha”. For 5 minutes..


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