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One of the best magical spells, is to cleanse. It is different from cleaning. Cleaning is an action, to cleanse is a ritual, something that you do with a magical tool and it cleans the ethereal body, the aura.
Just as our physical body gets dirty and sweaty our ethereal body gets spiritual stains. Those need to be removed fast, before they leave a permanent mark that weakens our aura and leaves us exposed to even worst , targeted energy attacks, what is known as black magic,
Today, as we prepare to give Thanks, we cleanse.
I recommend to always use magical herbs that you burn. Thought the millennial wise man and woman, shamans, have learned that each herb host a soul in one of its early stages of incarnation, and those souls that reside in this amazing healing plants vibrate in a very high frequency , as their chosen mission is to heal and protect.
How you activate their mission and awaken these spirits is thru fire, and it creates an amazing tool that cleans and transmutes negative energy and evil eye. We can use sage, incense or Palo Santo. There are other methods but these are the easiest.
Regardless what you use, light up your magical instrument and start in your head, where the crown chakra resides. Pass the smoke three times around the head, front to back, front to back, front to back.
Recite this prayer: ‘I am free, I free you”.
Continue cleansing every area of your body in a circular motion, Cleanse your hands, your feet, the back of your head, your kidneys. Energy attacks are by nature underhanded and crafty. The back of our head, our neck and shoulders are frequent targets . Also our kidneys, a critical organ.
When you see someone that suffers from constant migraines or lower back pain hand then a stick of Palo Santo and teach them to cleanse. As you cleanse continue with the prayer “I am free, I free you”.
When you finish, cleanse your house. Open the doors and windows, and pass the smoke around every room. Walk in circles across the room, from the back of the house to the front. As you pass the front door draw a line across it with the smoke from right to left and left to right, standing inside, turning your house into a fortress.
Finish the cleansing using a mystical cologne, Agua Florida, 1800, lavender water, or essential oil. Rub your hands and then pass the cologne or oil over your eyebrow, in between your eyes, behind your ears, over your navel below your navel and in each heel.

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