Is he/she cheating on you? Yes or no? In some cases the answer is just that, black or white. Yes or no. Now I’m going to tell you a couple of ways you can get an answer yourself.
The tarot is a powerful tool. We light a white candle, we take a deck, we visualize our partner, boyfriend / girlfriend, husband / wife and we ask ” Am I being cheated on”? And we pull out a card. If we get the 3 of swords, the answer is a resounding yes.
The white of the egg also gives us a yes or no answer with little ambiguity. Fill up a clear glass with water and add the egg white and yolk inside. We light up a white or red candle and ask the question. If the white rises, if it looks like an ascending cobweb, the answer is yes. If it remains flat, attached to the yolk, is no.
But what if the other person is considering being unfaithful, if temptation lurks already , if it was unfaithful but not right at this second… And what will you do if the answer is yes … we leave them or fight for the relationship?
Even if the answer is no, what is happening that prompted us to even consider the possibility? There are infinite shades of gray that make it necessary to look more deeply, to peel the layers one by one.
This is what a reading accomplishes , is the fastest and most accurate way to get to the root of a problem. Do you feel you need to ask more questions? Do you want to know the whole truth ? A reading is the perfect tool and probably the best investment you can make.
Before talking to the marriage counselor or hiring the private detective, a reading literally puts the cards on the table and places in front of you every possibility.
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A reading is the fastest way to find answers.

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