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This Sunday the heavens will bless us with an alignment that only occurs once in 164 years, that is, no one alive today has seen it and will never see it again. A true celestial blessing.
On Sunday the moon, the sun, Mercury and Jupiter will be aligned.
What does that mean ? It means that a direct portal is created with the center of the universe and an astral horn that brings our deepest wishes to the creator.

Spell for Sunday:

When the sun is already visible, we will take a deep plate and place 3 egg yolks, they have to be only the yolks and be intact.
We will ask for 3 wishes with all our heart, praying to the creative force of the universe.
We will state our request clearly, out loud, and pour cinnamon powder over each yolk.
Once we say the last request we will add our essence by putting some saliva on a napkin or a drop of blood.

We will leave the plate in front of a mirror for 3 hours and after three hours the content will be placed at the foot of a tree or in the trash outside the house with 3 coins.


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