We are all born but few of us know how to be reborn. We find it difficult to break with the familiar, with the safe, even if this ties us up and prevents us from taking off.
Since the beginning of time, humanity has asked the help of the deities and the guide spirits to be reborn.
Today we are going to do a very old spell that relies on the elementals of the earth to show us what weighs us down and create a new reality.
Today’s Spell:
In a deep plate we are going to put seven handfuls of dirt that we have stepped on, seven times.
We will step on it from front to back.
On the plate we will place our photo and a paper with our name and date of birth.
On the paper we will put 7 stones found on the road, that is, seven stones that we ourselves pick up from the ground, nothing bought.
We will light a white candle and pray to the elementals of the earth to receive our sorrows, our ties and our mistakes.
On each stone we will put a drop of eucalyptus oil, a drop of lavender oil and three drops of anise, the element that will crystallize the work
We will watch it for seven days, lighting the candle for 10 minutes a day and on the seventh day everything is put back on the ground.

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