The winter solstice is approaching, on December 21 in the northern hemisphere. It is the night of the birth of light, the day when darkness is defeated and we are given the opportunity to start over.
This is one of the most powerful moments of the year when a portal opens in the universe. The Solstice ritual breaks barriers, opens doors, drives, creates, renews.
This ritual is known as “the wings of the wind.”
On December 21 between noon and midnight, we should light a white candle, put our photo and a hair or piece of nail on a plate, take a tree branch and break it into 12 pieces that we will be putting on the photo, visualizing that Each piece is a problem, a block, a doubt. By breaking the last piece, we will give wings to these problems, so that they fly and dissipate and our life takes momentum.
We will take incense and with the smoke we will anoint the spell, sending the request for breaking and renewal to the universe. When the candle runs out we will leave the dish outside, no matter if it is cold, it rains or it snows.
On the 22nd in the morning everything is thrown out of the house.
Offering of the Solstice.
On December 21, I will be doing a ritual of breaking and renewal for all people who want to see their intentions enhanced during this energy portal.
Join, give wings to your life.
Offering: $ 50
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