Next Monday, January 20 is Blue Monday, or sad Monday … and is considered the most depressing day of the year. The reasons: it is the day Christmas bills arrive, we have already broken many or all of the New Year’s resolutions, we have lost motivation and thrown in the towel.
If we no longer lose weight, win the lottery or find our soulmate, so why keep trying. It is a very human and generalized attitude, and we have a name for it, but it is not the most constructive and is a way to waste the rest of the year.
When the calendar for which we were governed was created, it was divided into a 52-week seven-day period for a logical reason, it was not made public, but not less real. From practically the beginning of humanity the year, months, weeks and days were divided based on the lunar, planetary and energetic movements.
In esoteric-ism we know that every day has an energy, a color, a number and a deity. Monday is the day to open roads, Tuesday to attack, win, Wednesday is the day of communication, Thursday of commerce and Friday of love.
We have 52 new beginnings, not 1. We have 52 opportunities to find happiness, give that boost to business. So let’s stop seeing the new year as a 100-meter sprint race and look at it as a marathon with 52 stages.
How to overcome Blue Monday?
Let’s do something constructive. On a cardboard we will put our plans for the short and long term. We will paste, write or draw on it the goals we want to achieve, such as optimal health, lose weight, get married, a new car, a pet.
In this type of “treasure maps” there really are no rules except to be specific, if we want a car put a picture of the brand and even the color. If we want new love, write the characteristics we want to see in this person.
Throughout the year we will meditate in front of our map, reviewing the goals to see what stage we are in. When something materializes that photo is removed and changed to a New one, or if it is a written or drawn purpose something is pasted on top.
Regarding what to do with the other parts of the equation that make 20 a blue day. We must save all year so that December does not leave a hole in our pocket. The gym is open every day, if you didn’t go yesterday, you go today.
And if love has not yet arrived, it is because the universe has its rhythm. So on Monday 20 exercise, go jogging, do yoga or dance salsa. Renew your commitment with the year that begins, and live.


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