We all need something to be forgotten sometimes. It can be a mistake, a bad word, a love. We can be the ones who need to forget or be forgotten. We may need to forget something that happened to us in order to move on, or to be able to forgive. And perhaps it is also our loved one who has to forget another face, another time, another life.
The Blue Flower comes to our aid.
The Blue Flower welcomes souls in the process of reincarnation who have dedicated this existence to promoting and fostering oblivion. The blue flowers par excellence are the blue hydrangeas, the dahlias, the blue orchids of Asia, the bells and the hibiscus.
There are others, and any blue flower denotes your energy of forgetfulness as long as they are natural, not genetically modified. For this ritual we will need several blue flowers, an amethyst stone, a bottle with a lid or cork, lavender water, oil, vinegar, a cotton ball and a photo of the person we want to forget, our photo if it is us or the photo of the person, if we do the ritual so that another can erase a fact, event or person from their memory.
In a white plate we will place the blue flower petals, the cotton, the bottle, the photo and the amethyst. In a small plate we will put a little lavender water and in another a mixture of vegetable oil and vinegar of any kind.
We will light a white candle, a blue one and a purple one. Concentrating on what we want to forget, and looking at the photo, we will dip the cotton first in the oil and vinegar mixture, then in the lavender water. We will take a blue flower petal in the left hand and anoint it with the cotton with the right hand, visualizing that oblivion is taking place and transmuting into light.
We will place the petal inside the bottle and we will continue repeating the same operation, either to forget the same event, moment, bad word or person, or several moments or situations. There is no fixed rule, our guides will guide us in the process and indicate when to finish it.
After placing the last petal, the candles are extinguished, the bottle is closed tightly, thanks are given and the bottle is thrown in a garbage far from the house. The rest of the lavender petals and water should return to the ground and the rest of the oil and vinegar should be thrown away outside the house.
Candles and dishes can be reused.


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