Mondays are the best days to blaze new trails, and fortunately we have a Monday every week.
Why did our ancestors create a recurring calendar ruled by 7 main deities, instead of designing one where each day is ruled by a deity, minor or major? After all, from the Egyptians to the Romans, between major, minor, assistant or auxiliary gods they had enough to assign them their own day.
But the mystics of antiquity understood human nature and its link with the planets. They knew that human beings will always face challenges and obstacles, and that they need one day each week where the energies pushes them forward. This day is Monday, and like every Monday the universe conspires to help us open doors and remove obstacles.
Today’s Spell:
Let’s clear the way. This is a recurring spell, we do it once and we can activate it every Monday. We will take a bottle, made of glass of any type but with a lid or cork. What we put inside cannot come out.
Inside we will place cigar ashes, oil, vinegar, 7 grains of black pepper, a bay leaf and dirt from a cemetery. This dirt has to come from the cemetery, that is, the dirt that is consecrated and prepared to receive the bodies. It does not have to belong to a particular grave.
Mix everything well and seal the bottle tightly. Then keep a vigil for seven days in a dark place, where the candle is the only light, praying that everything that damages our relationship stays inside this bottle, and never touches us.
The candle is lit for 15 minutes a day.
After the seventh day the bottle is taken to a site with a lot of vegetation and w burry it deeply. If we do not have such a place near the house, we will leave the bottle in a garbage can in or near a cemetery or funeral home, with 3 coins. The bottle can be inside a bag, nobody has to know what you are doing.
Every Monday then we must light a white candle and we will visualize how the obstacles in our path turn to ash and are trapped in the bottle, giving us a clear path forward.

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