Every day someone asks me what magic I practice, and most of them secretly wants me to answer “black magic, and the blacker the better. The reality is that magic is magic, there is no black or white, it is how you use it. Someone can stand in front of you covered in pendants with angels and hearts and practice the darkest of magic.
I do what has to be done without causing any physical harm. The phrase anything goes in love and war is qualified to “almost everything.” Yes, I fight fire with fire but never initiate a deadly attack.
Black magic, red magic, white magic, green magic. Magic is magic.
Do you suffer for love?
Have they betrayed you?
Are your roads closed in an unexpected and incomprehensible way?
Do you fall ill without any medical explanation?
Do you want to achieve all that life can offer?
Call me, write me. I’ll help you.
I have many weapons in my magical arsenal.

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