Again, the brake is applied. It’s Mercury Retrograde. Between March 23 and April 15, Mercury will be retrograde and in the sign of Aries.
What does that mean? Mercury is a planet that affects reasoning and how we communicate, and when it goes retrograde everything tends to get tangled up.
In Aries the effect of retrograde Mercury becomes fast, intense and aggressive.
You have to bite your tongue, think things through very well, think before you speak and if you need to , think twice before you open your mouth. If, in a period of confusion, we let go of the first thing that comes to mind, things will not turn out well for us.
When Mercury is retrograde its effect leads us to reflection. Under Aries we are going to tend to reflect with anger, so any decision we make is imperative that we review it when Mercury leaves the cycle completely and goes to the post-gloom. So wait until May 4th before making any serious decisions.
What can we do in the meantime? Tie up lose ends, finish what you have started. To navigate this period well, this mantra or phrase that we repeat over and over again, will be our great ally:
“Om Budhaya Namaha”.
We must repeat it for 5 minutes every day. We will take a little olive oil and wet the middle finger of our right hand. We will put a little oil between our eyes, on each eyebrow and on the back of the neck.
We will light a white candle, we will concentrate n the flame and during 5 minutes we will repeat the mantra. Each person must find their own rhythm. Also, during this cycle we must do rituals that give us clarity, calm and patience.
We will take a deep white plate and put 3 egg whites, which we will beat very well. We will add 3 leaves of basil, 3 leaves of fresh mint, 3 slices of green apple and 3 coins.
We will put the plate in front of a mirror, light a white candle and pray to Santa Clara for clarity, open the third eye and help us talk, think and act with sanity and patience.
After this prayer we will repeat the mantra for 5 minutes. The spell is kept for 3 days and then the contents of the plate are left at the foot of a tree along with the coins.


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