Every day people come to me from all over the world, asking me for my best spell for love. A love spell that works immediately. We all want love, we all seek love. We want to be happy and love is the key.
Harvard researches followed 268 man for more than 70 years, and the director of the study came up with this conclusion: “Happiness is love. Full stop”.
I have been helping people find love less than 70 years but I have seen not 268 but thousands upon thousands of man and woman and I know that the need for a loving partner is ingrained in our DNA.
I use magic to help people find love because it works. Magic is energy and we are all made of energy. What the ancients knew back then science is now catching up to . We can manipulate energy to break away blockages, barriers, third parties, pre birth karma, and much more. And to bring love, to keep love.
Call me, write to me. We will talk about Best spells for love and find yours.
Today’s spell:
Sweeten and release.
There is a rule called the 5-1. For every 1 bad thing in your relationship there should be 5 positive ones. So let’s bring more love into our relationship and let go of what is damaging it. Take two strings or cords, give yourself enough length as you are going to tie knots in them.
Choose one as your sweet string, another one as the release one. Light up a yellow , red or white candle and visualize the sweet aspects that makes any relationship successful.
For every one, tie a know, visualizing that is a reality in your life, here and now. Make as many knots as you wish. Afterwards take the release string and visualize anything that huts and damages your relationship, concrete actions or words that happen or have happened . Not things that could happen, we do not want to call them.
Tie a knot for each visualizing them gone forever. Afterwards, burn the release cord and flush the ashes down the toilet.

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