We are in a time of stability, but with the energies of transmutation. What does this mean? We are entering autumn. The energies of this time are solid and stable and it is time to eliminate what slows us down and build a better future. As in the northern hemisphere, the leaves fall and form a mantle of nutrition for spring, this is the time to let go of the past, learn from it, let its lessons nourish us and open new doors.
Light 3 white candles. In this period the light is vital for rituals. Darkness is gaining and the path must be illuminated. Our ally in this ritual is Abundia, the goddess of abundance.
We are going to take a white plate and cover it with earth that has been stepped on by us. It does not matter where we take it from, but we must make it ours t by walking on it in the four directions, ie forward, backward, to the right and to the left.
Over it we are going to place rice, oats, parsley and seven pieces of green apple, we will sprinkle dust or frost of gold and silver and a little saffron.
We are praying for prosperity to come to us from the north, from the south, from the east, from the west. That our steps are always safe, that our economy grows, our lives shine.
We are going to take a few drops or sprays of our perfume, cologne or after shave , pour it on the offering, . We are going to add a hair or piece of nail. It has to be ours, it is a personal ritual, we are putting our essence. We will light the candles 15 minutes a day, looking at the mirror for 3 days.
On the third day the contents of the plate should return to the ground, along with 3 coins. It can be left at the foot of a tree, without the dish, it can be buried or it can be put in a pot.


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