The harvest is approaching, the most economically active season of the year, when more money changes hands and we generate more wealth. We want to attract wealth, to be a magnet for business and opportunities. And wheat is our ally.
It is a son of the sun, symbol of gold, dreaming of wheat is a symbol of money. Wheat was the first cereal consumed by human beings and its cultivation gave rise to the agricultural revolution that generated today’s society and economy. His image is synonymous with fruits of labor, growth.
Today’s Spell:
We want to attract prosperity and maintain it. On a white plate we will place grains of barley, wheat, rice, parsley and any beans. We will add 3 bay leaves and 3 basil leaves and a handful of fresh grass, from anywhere, our garden a park, etc. We will place the plate next to the front door of the house, on the inside.
We will light a white or yellow candle for 3 days, 15 minutes each day, praying to the deity that opens and closes the paths that prosperity and money will reach our door, to enter, and stay.
After 3 days we take a box, it can be of any kind, we put the contents of the plate inside the bottle with 3 coins of any denomination. We will put the box near our desk, where we work.


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