Today’s spell is to attract love. Everyone wants to love and be loved. It is a natural instinct, and that’s how humans were created.
The need to belong, to be part of a whole is universal.
But sometimes obstacles get in our way, and we fail to attract the person that interests us.
Today we will make our dream come true. We will make this romance come to life.
Spell for Today:
We need two magnets, either electromagnets that are purchased at a hobby shop, or using magnetized stones, such as magnetite or hematite.
We will place the stones or magnet in the center of a white plate and pour cinnamon, saffron and honey around it.
Light a yellow candle and pray, asking the goddess of love to help us bring love to us, and repel anything or anyone that would try and separate us.
Then we take a photo of the person we want to attract and place it between the two magnets, trapping him or her.
We will continue praying for 15 minutes and then leave everything but the dish at the foot of a tree.
This spell can be done any Friday.


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