This is a critical moment worldwide, since the pandemic began. Help doesn’t arrive and our bills are accumulating. The fear of contagion is now joined by the very real fear of plunging into a crisis without going back.
Today, we have to ask. Our voices have to be heard and we need to create a direct channel with the creator.
Today’s Spell:
We will need a glass, metal or ceramic pot, never plastic. We will fill it with warm water and add sea salt, a stream of our cologne, perfume or after shave, and a drop of our blood or saliva.
With the right hand we will move the water while we will raise the left towards the sky invoking the creator. And we will ask, we will ask clearly and out loud what we need, without ambiguity.
The universe does not understand nuances, let’s be clear. When we have finished our petition we will give thanks for having been heard.
The water will be used to water a houseplant, an outdoor plant, or it will be thrown out on the street.


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