Nothing happens by chance. Today, the universe tells us that we are entering the final stretch. It does not mean that the planet is going to explode, that an asteroid is going to pulverize us or that a sun flare is going to char us.
4 3 2 1 means that it is time to sprint, to accelerate, to take off, to leave problems and conflicts behind. Don’t wait, don’t look around looking for someone to guide you, be your own guide.
When you hear the starting gun, run, fly towards your goal, towards that new business, that relationship, that job.
The planet is waking up from this tragic lethargy that we had to submit to in order to be reborn healthy and alive.
Today’s Spell:
Give your life wings.
On a white plate we are going to put our photo, and on it 3 feathers, it can be from a feather duster. On the feathers we will add three grains of pepper, the spark of the ritual.
We will add drops of anise, 3 basil leaves and grains of rice. We will light a white candle and visualize our goal, and how we run towards it, jumping over every obstacle, dodging rivals and see ourselves rising to victory.
We will watch the spell for 3 days and on the third day we will bury everything near a tree with flowers or fruits.

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