Activate your wealth. Sometimes, we feel stuck. Business doesn’t advance, money is lacking, that promotion never comes, customers steal from us. The foundation of our life is economics. More couples are destroyed by economic problems than by infidelity. When someone tries to undermine a relationship they begin closing the doors to that couple in the material aspect, knowing that it created an atmosphere of discord that undermined the relationship. The energy of money must be activated in a constant way.

Today’s Spell:

On a white plate we will put a piece of paper with our first and last name (or a photo) and on it a layer of rice and the two talismans that attract money; Mustard and parsley seeds, so that our economy grows, flourishes. Next, we will add mint leaves, to activate the energy, to give us vitality, thrust.

We will light a white candle, we will take oil or essence of any type of mint and we will put three drops, one in each spot; center of the forehead, between the eyes, and one on each wrist, and we will pray to Abundia the goddess of prosperity and money that she will open the roads to fortune for us.

We will leave the plate near the front door, or those who can not, in front of a mirror, for 3 days, and the candle is to be lit 10-`15 minutes every day. . On the third day we will put the contents of the avocado in a paper bag and leave the bag in the trash outside a business where the money moves a lot.

Be careful, outside of the business! Not inside, and without a candle!


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