In these times of economic uncertainty, when the world is torn between protecting health and opening the economy, family relationships are strained and twitching due to the uncertainty and fear caused by the pandemic. Now is the time to raise our voices and ask for help from Abundia, the goddess of prosperity and abundance.
We have to pray that his mantle of abundance touches us and covers us, so that the help and encouragement do not pass us by. It is time to ask, and Abundia listens.
We will use the 4 elements to raise our request
In a metal, ceramic or glass pot we will place water, a handful of earth trodden by us, a feather, a fan, a dandelion leaf or a paper with this symbol that means air:


And we will light a candle.
We will pray to Abundia so that when the horn of plenty opens, its fruits fall on us, they do not pass us by. Little by little, as we pray, we will add pieces of green apple inside the pot.
Once the imploration is finished, we will cover everything with honey and cinnamon and we will watch it for three days, lighting the candle every day for 15 minutes. On the third day we can throw everything in the trash outside the house with 3 coins of any denomination


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