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Soon we will be greeting loved ones, friends, going to office parties, and in many cases will be opening our homes. We need to protect our home and our self. 

The holidays sometimes bring out the worst in people, as those glimpses into other people’s lives and homes provoke envy.

They may envy your house, your partner, your life. And many times the envy is wrapped in hate, they not just want what you have, they resent you for having it.

So protect your home, protect yourself.

Before any party, any get together, cleanse and seal your home.

Take a stick of sage or incense and burn it and use the smoke to cleanse your home, from the back of the house to the front door.

Then take Palo Santo, and do the same thing, this time from the front to the back.

Take a red string, can be red tape, anything red, and glue it in the outside of your front door, from left to right. That will help keep negative energies away.

And when the party is over, clean again, I like a combination of sage and noise, go around the house clanking pot lids, or anything metallic and then sage the house, yourself and all your

family, from head to toe.

To have a safe magical night!

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