We are in a perfect place to resolve conflicts and establish limits. A perfect day for cleansing ourselves.
The energies are in our favor to break what hampers us, break barriers that hold us back.
Today we must cleanse our aura of all those negative energies: harm, jealousy, envy or bad intentions.
We must also purge our own fears and confusions, useless feelings that weaken us.
Today’s Spell:
This spell can be done indoors or outdoors.
We will make a circle of salt in the soil large enough to walk comfortably within it.
We will put a white candle of any size in each of the 4 cardinal points of the circle creating a cross, and outside the circle we will light a red candle.
We step inside the circle and with a washe raw egg we will pass it over our body to cleanse ourselves.
Do this three times from top to bottom.
When cleansing you will pray to St. Michael the Archangel to rid us of all evil, so that our aura is clean and protected,
After the cleaning put out the candle, sweep the salt out of your house and throw the egg against the ground, far away from your house.


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