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Recently some Serbian archaeologists uncovered a dump of over two thousand years old skeletons along with mysterious scrolls. This gives an insight into the history of curses and magic.

According to Reuters reports, these scrolls were kept inside ancient amulets that were covered with magic spells known to be used for ‘binding magic’ rituals.

While archaeologists are still figuring out the history behind these scrolls, let’s learn more about the ancient magic that is already known by historians.

Common Use of Spells

The ancient ‘binding magic’ was all about magic spells. Although modern-day magical phrases include terms like ‘abracadabra’, ancient Greek and Rome magic practitioners used spells for binding people.

These spells were cast on people for different purposes like sporting events, personal affairs like love or revenge, and business matters.

A Roman and Greek famous magician Derek Collins once stated, magic spells that are used to bind people to involve known formulas and named parties like people and gods that are connected to actions and results.

These spells were used to win an upcoming athletic game or ensure a happy marriage. People either used strong spells passed on by magicians or normal people.

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Amulets were a Common Fashion Accessory

Spells weren’t directly said in history, they were first written down. Like the scrolls found in Syria, the spells were usually carried by people in amulets. Amulets were designed to carry spells and soon became a must-have magical fashion accessory. These amulets are commonly found in Ancient Roman and Greek graveyards or digs.

Regular Practice of Curses and Black Magic

One of the negative and bitter rituals of Ancient Rome and Greece was the practice of curses and black magic. Black magic spells were written on wax, lead, or stone and were used to control people and destroy their life.

Curses were so common in the ancient world that if you have enmity with someone, you can go to a magician and can easily spell a curse on them. People used to curse people who harmed their family affairs or committed a crime.

You’d be surprised to know that a large dump of curse tablets was found in Roman digs recently in the UK.

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