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Let’s bathe these next 3 days with love, with sweetness, with peace, forgiveness and union. We want a christmas with love. These are the days where Love with a capital L must reign, an inclusive, generous, strong and solid love.We want to have the party in peace, that nothing will make us bitter, that nothing will penetrate the field that we are going to create around us and our families.
Let’s start by protecting the front door.
Under the carpet mat we will stick a red adhesive strip, that will prevent the bad anergies from entering the threshold of our door. And inside the house we want peace, harmony, we do not want arguments, fights or provocations,
Today’s Spell:
In a deep white plate we are going to place a little cotton. On the cotton we will put two pieces of cinnamon stick, sugar, caramels of various flavors, honey and orange or tangerine. We will light a yellow or gold candle and pray to the goddess of love to cover our house with a cloak of love, so that nothing and no one disturbs our joy. After 15 minutes leave the contents of the dish at the foot of a tree, except the cinnamon, which we must boil and let the smell permeate the entire house.


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