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Magic is a term used for controlling invisible forces to change unfavorable life events. It can transform illusions into reality.

Experiments classify that magic as a mixture of astrology, alchemy, divination, incantation, spirit mediation, sorcery, and necromancy. Besides that, the word magic is used colloquially in Western culture to depict acts of sleight of hand or conjuring for entertainment.

The main objective of magic lies in acquiring power, wealth, love, or knowledge. Or to heal or remove danger and illness.

People resort to magic to guarantee success and productivity in a mission, to harm someone, to reveal fortune, for spiritual powers, and many other reasons.

However, the effectiveness of magic is only proven if it’s performed by a professional magician who has mastered the special knowledge, words, and actions required to perform magic.

Types of Magic

There are many phenomena associated with magic that includes mysticism, paganism, witchcraft, and superstition. It’s divided into two kinds, white magic, and black magic. Black magic is used for evil purposes while white magic is used for positive purposes.

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Magic Spells

There are many elements of magic out of which one is magic spells. It’s a performance of magic that is done through words (for instance, incantations or charms) and symbolic numbers.

These magic spells involve innate power, man-made or natural objects, and actions performed by magicians.

An incantation or a spell aims to seek power from spiritual agencies to fulfill the purpose of the magic. Knowledge of symbolic numbers and the best magic spells is usually a secret and only those with divine knowledge can be great possessors of magic spells.

Magic spells are regarded highly in the magic world, for instance, the Trobriand Islanders of Melanesia regarded magic spells as an essential component to deliver magic. Similarly, the Maori of New Zealand considered the power of magic spells so significant that any mistake in the recitation of words was thought to bring disaster to the society or that individual.

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