2021 seems to be the year with out resolutions. With the third wave of Covid sweeping the country and the uncertainty of when we will be able to get vaccinated, no one dares to make plans beyond tomorrow. The “God willing” of yesteryear is a prayer more than a saying.
But the days go by and life has to go on. Perhaps we do not have a date for our vacation but we do have to pay the rent, electricity and water. Therefore it is importante have to open the ways, break the blockages and envy, and build. With caution and caution but we can only look ahead.
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You can succeed in 2021 and the winners will be those who vibrate with the frequency of success, prosperity and good luck.
Take control of your destiny!
We are, whether we want to or not, the Covid generation and the aftermath of this pandemic will be felt for years.
We have to do everything in our power to protect our lives and our economy. 


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