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Tomorrow we will experience the final eclipse in a series of 18 months of eclipses that have had a lasting effect.

If 18 months ago you set a path or an intention, look how far you have gotten. And in six months for now, look again. You will see how extraordinary the changes have been.

Eclipses occur when the Moon and the Sun are near the lunar  nodes, the nodes of fate in a natal chart.

Why is this eclipse important?

Because is taking place under Sagittarius and Jupiter is its ruling planet, the planet of growth, of opportunities.

But… and there is always a but, there will be tension with Mars, the planet of anger, action and war.

What to do: many will feel to compelled to act and many will over react or approach a situation to fast, to strong.

So for the next few days we need to have our eyes and ears open to changes and new opportunities,  and for a more detailed explanation of how each sign may be affected, check my Instagram post.

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