Tomorrow is a perfect day. It is the last full moon of the year, of the decade, and arrives on December 12, at 12:12.
12 12 It is the double vibration number and is charged with a transforming energy. 12 12 is one of the so-called mirror numbers that transmutes and elevates.
Together with the full moon, tomorrow is a perfect day to look in the mirror of the soul, capture our most precious yearning and send our intention to the duplicated universe.
Today’s Spell:
We will take a bowl with half water, and a white candle and place them in front of a mirror. This dish should remain in front of the mirror until dawn on Friday.
The plate should be reflected in the mirror. We will light the candle, put our hands on the flame and pray to our guiding angels to look in our soul and see our most ardent desire.
Thinking about that desire we will begin to add white flower petals to the water, one by one until we reach 12 petals.
Then we will give thanks. Thinking about that wish fulfilled we will pour 12 drops of honey. The candle must be consumed in its entirety and once it is used up it must not be replaced.
On Friday the water is poured on the ground, no matter where.


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